Meet Disorders, a psychedelic grunge four-piece hailing from Mexico City. The band has undergone changes and an evolution which lead them to their current lineup in 2013, when they were ready to record their first EP Teenage Loner’s Cult. Now on the cusp of releasing their follow-up EP, we caught up with the group to find out how things are going for them and their scene.

“Although Mexico City is huge, there is no vibrant alternative rock scene in which we are able to play constantly or meet new exciting bands,” explains singer and guitarist Mao. “There isn’t a widespread culture of going to bars or clubs to listen to a band. The truth is that reggaeton and other Latin rhythms immensely dominate the nightlife here. As [singer and keyboardist] Jean puts it, “it’s an everlasting sweaty-ass twerking craze.’” The band has found some safe havens for live music of the rock variety but it’s an evolving scene, as is true in many locations around the world. “We would love to contribute to developing a scene here, maybe something unique that constitutes a ‘New Weird Mexican Wave.’”

Aided by social media, genres no longer live and die as simply as they have in the past. Because terrestrial radio is no longer the exclusive medium for broadcasting popular music, people can discover what they want on their own time. However, it is now easier to be lost among the crowd. “Good bands can be equated to mediocre or insipid bands since everyone gets their chance to be seen. Everyone wants to speak out but fewer people are willing to actually listen; it’s a double-edged sword,” agrees Mao. “What we’re trying to do with our new EP release campaign is to stand out with guerilla-style publicity. We want to share the story of it; mainly in the sense of the situations and feelings that inspired it so we can make an impact on people and allow them to identify.”

The group, rounded out by bassist Flor and drummer Josue, is charging ahead in full-DIY mode. “Being independent implies that you have to rely on your own means to get your music out there without the financial support and networks of a label. We’re not well-connected or well-funded and we know that we have to be creative in order to create something special, authentic, and unique using our limited resources,” says Mao. “Unfortunately, Mexico City is currently far from having an adequate environment for independent artists and the poor structural development of our country makes the situation particularly disadvantaged.”

Despite the challenges, the band enjoys their ability to function and create as a group. “Performing is a liberating and cathartic experience. When you sing and play, you transmit your energy and the things that inspire your playing,” explains Mao. “It’s about the collective effort that brings pieces together in the pursuit of a common end, and the shared experiences, struggles, history and the sense of brotherhood and comradeship that come along with that.”

As the band looks forward to their new release, they have simple advice for other musicians and artists: “Just keep persisting if you love what you do. At the end, people notice and appreciate when things are done with passion. It’s all about music; when you do stuff in a sincere and passionate way, people notice and appreciate it,” says Mao. “We’d like to be remembered as a statement that stresses pride in difference, weirdness, and abnormality; as a reminder for the fucked-up people to own that fucked-up-ness and let it be the creative force that guides your life.”

You can find Disorders on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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