Being in a band is hard work, especially when you are DIY. It can consume a musician’s time and make it difficult to dedicate hours to other aspects of life, such as education. Though educated musicians are not unheard of (think Brian May of Queen or Dexter Holland of the Offspring) and attending college doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on musical talent, degrees are not the most common denominator for musicians. So when we heard of a band comprised mostly of engineers, we were intrigued.

Meet Evergreen, the 4-piece alternative band from Edmonton, Alberta. The band formed in 2015 in preparation for a battle of the bands between engineering departments at University of Alberta and originally consisted of three environmental engineering students: singer/lead guitarist Victoria, lead singer/guitarist Bryson, and drummer David. They felt chemistry and after the competition, invited their friend Pete to round out the lineup on bass guitar. After 6 months of writing and re-writing, they felt they had defined a sound and got busy. Their refined, dynamic style is showcased on their first self-titled release, a 5-song EP which dropped earlier this year. From the melodic depth of Cosmic Lottery to the energetic movement of Satellite, a listener can recognize both talent and kinship in the music.

The band cites their comradery as a strength and collaborates not only on the music, but on the business end as well. “Every decision is a consensus. Although some of us have only known each other for a year and a half, we have become the best of friends; we do everything together. It’s a beautiful thing to build and strengthen a personal bond with a friend, and it becomes even more beautiful when you simultaneously build musical chemistry with them.” Though their friendship has strengthened the group, the band is not without its challenges. “All four of us are heavily involved in our own ventures, which can lead to difficulty when allocating time to practice and write.” Evergreen also experiences the typical issues of an independent band such as self-promotion and funding. “Other than recording, everything we have done has been on our own, from promoting to finding gigs and networking.” The band cites the accessibility of the internet and social media as an advantage for their DIY efforts.

The healthy, intimate indie music scene in Edmonton is also an advantage for Evergreen, with live music available on a daily basis. “It’s exciting that there is such a thriving community because we have more opportunity to make a living doing what we love without having to ‘make it big.’ We all went into this with zero expectations and we’ve already gotten more out of it than we could have hoped for; life-long friends and lasting memories of unique experiences on and off the stage.” Speaking of off the stage, Evergreen plans to release an LP in 2018 and are currently planning a tour of Western Canada as a follow-up for the EP released this year, recorded at True North Studios. Plans also include advocating for environmental awareness and sustainable living as shown by their recent involvement in a tree-planting effort called Root for Trees, a collaboration with the City of Edmonton. Evergreen hopes to continue spreading their message of positivity: “Be happy. Love your friends. Love your not-friends. Make a positive impact with your time here on Earth. Value the beautiful gift of life you’ve been given. Show your gratitude and take moments to slow down and breathe.”

As they look to the future, Evergreen intends to stay busy and continue their growth both musically and as friends, and they recommend other groups do the same. “Just get out there and start doing what you love. Play the music you want to play. People will notice your passion and you never know what doors might open up!” We can’t wait to see what doors open for Evergreen and look forward to the release of their LP in 2018. You can find Evergreen via the following links:

Spotify, Facebook, iTunes, Bandcamp.

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