Going wireless can be huge for performers, be it microphones or monitors. Yet many independent musicians choose not to make the leap either due to cost or complication. After all, when you have to spend money to do all of your own promotion, management, tour support, and advertising, there usually isn’t much left in terms of free cash. However, one independent band recently went wireless and we caught up with them to get their review on the gear.

Fortune’s Folly is a self-described dance rock band hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Lead by an energetic frontwoman with a powerful and dynamic vocal range, the quartet puts a fresh spin on a pop/rock attitude reminiscent of 90’s alternative. Through a promotion with Performer Magazine in collaboration with Audio-Technica USA, the band was given an opportunity to put an Audio-Technica System 10 Pro microphone system through its paces while out on tour and report back on their experience. Here’s what they had to say:

If you can afford to make the change, going wireless may be a great option for you as a performer. Not only will it give you freedom of movement on stage, owning quality gear that simplifies the production is a good way to score points with a venue or promoter.

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